Rules of the game

In Norway the most common form of Rugby played by women is 7-a-side rugby, a form of Rugby Union.

It is played on a full sized pitch, with 7 players on each side. A match lasts 14 minutes, with 7 minute halves.300px-RugbyPitchMetricDetailed.svg

The layout of the pitch is shown to the right. Teams consist of three forwards, two props and a hooker, and four backs, scrum half, fly half, centre and wing. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by scoring tries and conversions. A try is scored when a player grounds the ball over the try line, the scoring team is then allowed to attempt to convert the try by kicking the ball between the posts, over the crossbar.

A player can move the ball by running with it, passing it or kicking it. A pass must be made to a teammate who is behind or in line with the player with the ball.

A player may tackle an opposing player who has the ball by bringing them to ground. Once tackled, a player must immediately release the ball, either by passing to a team mate or placing it on the ground, and the tackler must release them and move away. After the ball has been released by a tackled player, players from either side may try to regain possession of the ball. Tacklers cannot tackle above the shoulder (the neck and head are out of bounds), and the tackler has to attempt to wrap their arms around the player being tackled to complete the tackle.

A scrum is awarded when a player knocks the ball forward, or the ball is passed forward. In a scrum, the three forwards from each team bind onto one another, the scrum-half feeds the ball between the two lines of players. The hooker then attempts to ‘hook’ the ball backwards with her feet to her scrum half, and play is restarted.

A scrum in sevens
A scrum in sevens

Rugby has a lot of laws governing what happens after a tackle, offside laws, the scrum and the lineout. If you are interested in learning more, come along to training, or visit the world rugby website.